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Limited Editions

Full Bloom Dreamcatcher

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Our Limited Edition roses are exquisitely crafted for the discerning collector, and are available only for a limited time. Each season brings a unique color of the year, offered to the public only for that year, never to be produced again. To further enhance the collectablility, a  2019 charm hangs from each stem, to commemorate the year. Additionally, because the name of our rose brings to mind the traditional Native American net, we have also added a feather charm to each flower.  Introducing "DreamCatcher", a medium purple rose, deep but bright, with a rich pearl finish.  To further conjure the image of the night sky, these roses are studded with multi-colored flecks, that shine like the stars.  2019 Limited Edition roses are available at our shows, and in limited quantities online.

2019 Charm

Click here to buy  2019 Limited Edition "DreamCatcher"




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